In the last two years, Chayce has written over a hundred songs, and has just released her fifth single, “Dance Again,” on all major platforms. Having worked with Grammy award-winning producer Brian West (known for his work with Sia, Maroon 5, Andy Grammer, and Nelly Furtado just to name a few) and Juno award-winning producer Ryan Stewart (Carley Rae Jepson, Jocelyn Alice, Carys, and Tyler Shaw), Chayce is using these opportunities to move her musical creativity forward. During the 2022 hot summer months, Chayce performed in front of thousands of concert attendees, performing 16 solo events, and even more with her band. Her fan base continues to grow, through messages of encouragement, engagement, and empowerment. One core belief that Chayce frequently repeats to others is, “your own value is not determined by what others might think of you”. Against the confusing and confounding messages found within the ubiquitous social media machine, the very personal and empowering messages within Chayce’s music will continue to resonate with listeners, especially young women struggling to discover and enjoy their own unique identity and purpose.